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Xen Tools Stable Releases

The most recent stable version of Xen Tools is 4.8 and you can download it via the following link:

  • Sources: xen-tools-4.8.tar.gz - 260k
    • MD5: add3c66752d211a4f5616c8e7f4212a0
    • SHA1: 093b27a695bc86970c5b82d977afdcbbc0815ee6
    • SHA256: 8adbca004292bb622256f8b9a91f12d2 7e4c1bc9a02833379faa9eebf585fa5a
    • SHA512: c76e8dd6a9967eeded8ad3e0eb84189c c396e0fbb4d158fb8332c5c9ba5bd2d2 df2dddea673c7349765e6f525996694c c63f49664da566c45e184f7863a1414e
    • GPG signature
  • Debian package: xen-tools_4.8-1_all.deb - 139k
    • MD5: d0fe7ecfcf632740633bfcd0c3ada787
    • SHA1: dc5fb7caa5ea4839bd972f5d8c3377d634a0f59a
    • SHA256: a23ebf275f4a9c3008faa665d49f3c8e 521b34fe79a9806b44cd9a6be5c1b5ac
    • SHA512: 15a0a5278cba7b5d5277023c8f81a363 edf43c0dcbc0e54fc4a8a63bf6771dae 898da222246e6f7c5514e7f2c06e8b31 079e1fe587d6b845f094ea274768a9e3

A detailed change log can be found in NEWS.markdown in the source tar ball.

GPG signatures of releases 4.2 to 4.5 may be validated using Axel's 1024-bits public key.

GPG signatures of releases 4.6 and later may be validated using Axel's 4096-bits public key.

Binary packages of xen-tools are also included in the Debian GNU/Linux Project.


The release which you can download above contains a full changelog which is automatically generated from the git repository.